First, the daily life of the packaging machinery for a few maintenance is necessary to do, namely, equipment cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and anti-corrosion work. In the usual production process, the machine maintenance staff should do: according to the machine packaging equipment maintenance manuals and maintenance procedures, according to the provisions of the cycle of the strict implementation of the maintenance work to reduce the wear speed of parts to eliminate the risk of failure, Of the service life.

Second, the mechanical maintenance work are: routine maintenance, regular maintenance and special maintenance. Regular maintenance can be divided into a maintenance, two maintenance and three maintenance, special maintenance can be divided into seasonal maintenance and maintenance of two kinds of maintenance.

1, routine maintenance to clean, lubrication, inspection and fastening as the center of gravity, in the machine work and after work should be required routine maintenance. First-class maintenance is based on routine maintenance, the focus of work is to lubricate, tighten and check the relevant parts and their cleaning work. Secondary maintenance to check, adjust as the focus. Specifically to check the mechanical components, transmission components, electrical components. Three maintenance focus is to detect, adjust, remove the hidden trouble and balance the wear and tear of the various parts. To the use of equipment performance and the location of the fault signs of the site for diagnostic testing and status check, and then complete the necessary replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting work.

2, seasonal maintenance refers to the packaging equipment every year into the summer and winter before the focus should be on the conveyor system (shaft and belt conveyor), air pressure system (check the air compressor lubrication and sealing), and control systems and other components of the detection and repair The Discontinued maintenance refers to the packaging equipment due to seasonal factors or product demand factors such as the need to disable for some time, should do a good job cleaning, cosmetic, matching, moisture, corrosion and so on.